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Cover The Beggars of York

Don Walls’ verse play documenting the problems facing people, particularly those with mental health problems, living on the streets. First performed as part of the York Theatre Royal’s Takeover Festival.

Available Now

Cover Dream Catcher 33

Dream Catcher 33 is now available. Please link to the Dream Catcher web site for more information or link directly to the Dream Catcher bookshop.

More information soon for Dream Catcher events.

Poetry at the Parsonage only_n

Stairwell Books authors featured at Festival to celebrate 200 years of the Brontes. See Review.

Homeless Front Cover

Homeless, stories by and about victims of homlessness,  is now in its second printing.

Published by Stairwell Books and SASH.

Proceeds from this book go to SASH.

Somewhere Else

Don Walls’ 6th Book Somewhere Else is available with his play The Beggars of York and the SASH book on Homelessness.
Read the York Press article.

Proceeds from this book go to St Leonards’ Hospice

Prairie Cover

Rita Jerram’s Tales from a Prairie Journal was featured in the York Press on xxx. See the article here.

Tales from a Prairie Journal is available frpm the Stairwell Bookshop.

Writing on Air April 2016

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Stairwell Authors
Here Stairwell Authors talking about how they found a publisher. Session starts 2 hours in.

Cull Valley Cover Manager 2

See the article about this book in the Hold the Front Page website.
Here n the Cull Valley  by John Wheatcroft was sucessfully launched at The Guardians launch event at York Explore on the 17th March. It is now available for Purchase at the Stairwell on-line Bookshop


How to be a Man by Alan Smith was sucessfully launched at The Guardians launch event at York Explore on the 17th March. It is now available for purchase at the Stairwell on-line Bookshop.

Lodestone hb1

Hannah Stone’s Lodestone was launched at a fabulous evening at the Medusa Lounge in Leeds accompanied with music provided by a heavily disguised Andy Seed and a supporting cast of Leeds trinity students.
Lodestone is available from our online bookshop.

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Click on above to hear broadcast
Broadcast by Sounds Lyrical on Chapel FM at 7.30-9.00 pm on Tuesday 16th February.

DC 32 Cover Manager V1

Dream Catcher 32 is now available. Please link to the Dream Catcher web site for more information or link directly to the Dream Catcher bookshop.

More information soon for Dream Catcher events.

New Crops from Old Fields Front

Yet another outstanding review for New Crops from Old Fields by Julie Chappell of Tarleton State University.

See also the glorious review of this book by Quid plura blogger Jeff Sypeck.


A Multitude of Things front cover

David Clegg’s A Multitude of Sins is now available from the Stairwell Bookshop.

The remarkable collection of short plays, many of which have been performed on radioo, has been gathered together demonstrate the breadth and variety of life.

Unsettled Accounts Cover

Tony Lucas’ latest collection reached from the heavens above to the deepest recesses of the earth beneath.

Now available from Stairwell Books Unsettled Accounts reminds us that living is a form of unfinished business and we need to do it properly.

Learning to Breathe Cover

This marvellous collection from John Gilham, the editor of Literary Journal, Dream Catcher, is now available.

John has an acute sense of the interpenetration of history, religion, geography, the stories that landscapes tell, and the contemporary world. Hid poetry is not to be missed

ury 1 logo

Listen to Stairwell Authors being interviewed on University Radio York:

John Gilham
Pauline Kirk


See the review of William Thirsk-Gaskill’s collection Throwing Mother in the Skip by the Firm of Poets.

A fine and accessible book...

Ryedale Book Festival from helen bigger

Stairwell Books were at the Ryedale Book Festival in Malton, Oct 10-11, 2015

The festival featured Stairwell author’s Steve Nash, Rose Drew, Alan Gillott with help from Exhibitionists Laurence O’Reilly and Charli Goodfellow.

Fighting Cock Press logo

Stairwell Books and Fighting Cock Press are proud to announce Rita Jerram’s Tales from A Prairie Journal reimagined from her Grandmother Edith’s comprehensive Journals.

Beauty Cover

Tanya Nightingale’s The Problem with Beauty was launched at The Hungry Artist on 17th of September with a full supporting cast including music and an  appearance by the amazing Don Walls.

cwa logo

Stairwell Books has been listed by the Crime Writers Association as an eligible publisher for the Dagger awards.

This means that Stairwell crime authors can enter the Daggers more easily.

Parrots Cover

Amina Alyal’s long overdue first collection, The Ordinaryness of Parrots was launched on June 25th at Waterstones’ in York Double Launch Event.

“This is a transformative, joyous collection where the everyday blends with the vibrant.” - Andrew McMillan

Border 7 Cover

Be among the first to order Border 7 by Pauline Kirk - a companion book to The Keepers.

Corporations more important than governments: it will never ha...


Stairwell Books supported the 2015 International Women’s Week with the launch of Border 7 in Dringhouses Library, Tadcaster Rd., York YO24 1LR

HL Front Cracked 2a

Mark Whittle interviews Shaunna Harper on The Culture Vulture:


Stairwell Books has been accepted as a supplier for Waterstones. This means that you can order Stairwell’s books at your local Waterstones branch. Look for the W in our on-line bookshop for eligible books.

Taking the Long Way Home Front Cover reduced

Our very own Steve Nash is the winner of the Saboteur Best Spoken Word Performer. Follow this link to find out about the Short Listed performers.
 And don’t forget to buy his book too.